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The Navy Marine Corps P.R.O.U.D. Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing financial and in-kind support to San Diego County’s Navy Marine Corps Relief Society programs & local active duty Sailors, Marines, Veterans, Retirees and their families in need.

US Navy Aviator hugs his kids during the squadron's homecoming

The Deployments…

Military personnel will deploy for an average of 6-18 months even during peaceful times. They will often miss birthdays, anniversaries and holidays to serve our country.

Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class gives basic hygiene class during health initiative in Sangin, Afghanistan

The Families…

There has been an increase of dual-military relationships, roughly accounting for 85,000 dual-military couples currently serving in the U.S. This means double the deployments and double the moves.

Chief Warrant Officer surprising his mother with his homecoming at the Birmingham Barons baseball game

The Distance…

Military families relocate 10 times more often than civilian families, averaging out to one move every 2-3 years. These moves are often demanding on emotional and financial levels for the entire family.

Jeanie Spies, PROUD Foundation Board President

“Many years ago, as a military spouse, I volunteered with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society helping Sailors and Marines with budgeting and financial aid.  There was nothing more rewarding to me than assisting service members experiencing financial hardship. Fast forward to 2014. I had just retired from the best job I ever had as the Director of a Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society office. During this time a small cadre of Relief Society supporters met and envisioned the PROUD Foundation. This Foundation would support the six San Diego Relief Society offices with direct client assistance, food cards and gas cards. Fortunately, this has been a reality since 2018!

As you may know San Diego County is home to over 100,000 active-duty military members, the largest military presence in the United States. If you include family members, veterans, and retirees living in the area, the number reaches over 800,000 men and women who have served or have supported someone in uniform. Living in this high-cost region often means our military families and veterans need additional financial support when an emergency happens. That’s where we step in. The Navy Marine Corps PROUD Foundation is positioned to assist in their time of need.

Since our inception in 2018 PROUD has: served over 5,000 Sailors, Marines, Veterans, and their families; distributed 1,955 gift cards to the local Society offices; and provided $21,600 in grants. We continue to serve the San Diego community and expand our impact with the support of amazing volunteers, donors, and sponsors. And as a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit we focus more funds towards helping our military members and their families in need.

It is a great honor to serve as the President of the Navy Marine Corps PROUD Foundation.  I look forward to what we can achieve together this year and beyond.”

Jeanie Spies
Navy Marine Corps PROUD Foundation

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