The P.R.O.U.D. Foundation Story

The Navy Marine Corps PROUD Foundation journey began in 2005 when a Navy spouse, a long time Society volunteer,  proposed local fund raising efforts to support the mission of the San Diego region Society offices. The idea was to raise funds to supplement the mission of the local Society offices and their goals. She learned there are many people who have a passion to support our local military but  wanted their donations to stay in the San Diego area.

Thus, the journey began, and the PROUD Foundation was formed. In teaming up with San Diego based Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offices and the local bases; Sailors, Marines, Veterans, Retirees and families of San Diego, who are in need of assistance but couldn’t be helped by the Society, would be referred to the PROUD Foundation.  The dream of raising funds to help our own in San Diego became a reality and our mission to serve those in need who serve in our military or have served, has begun.

PROUD Foundation Board of Directors
Left to Right: Cathe Robling, Board of Directors; Lt. Gen. Terry Robling USMC (ret) Advisory Board; Kimberly Prato, Board of Directors; Jeanie Spies, President; Maj. Katherine Spies, Advisory Board; Jenny January, Board of Directors.

Pay It Forward

Through fund raising, charity events and online donations we offer military families in financial crisis the support they need.


Our organization offers information to the San Diego military community in regards to programs and services that we provide.


We partner with local nonprofits supporting San Diego area Active Duty and Retired Sailors, Marines, Veterans and their families.